With innovation at the heart of it, SchurStar supports a flexible packaging system to help you launch your products with smart solutions that reduce the cost of deep investments. We’re backed by the 170 year heritage of Schur Corporation, which brings a promise of proven expertise and superior service with leading package goods companies all over the world. Combining Schur’s proven history of success and simplified automation, SchurStar raises the bar on getting your product to market faster, and more efficiently—so you can deliver on your mission to grow your business.


  • Capable of running a wide variety of packaging sizes and materials to pack your current and future product portfolio
  • Easy to integrate into your existing operations without a major investment
  • A great way to do test markets and product promotions quickly and efficiently


  • A proven technology. Over 20 years and 500 installations helping our customers grow their bottom line
  • System is easy to use and maintain, with little proprietary aftermarket parts needed


  • Machine runs of up to 80 bags per minute create higher packaging capacity
  • Easy, 5-minute changeovers allow you to run all sizes and shapes of bags for multiple product lines on a single machine
  • Bag design minimizes waste and scrap
  • Leads to improved efficiency and contributes to increased overall plant uptime

Source Reduction

  • Bagged packaging reduces overall waste and is better for the environment
  • Reduced packaging saves on shipping and storage to decrease costs
  • Bags make more efficient use of the shelf space available for your products to increase revenue

Download the SchurStar overview brochure to see how you can deliver on your mission to grow your business with innovative packaging solutions.