With The Schur Star

Reduce Your

Labor Cost

Calling all growers, re-packers and brand-owners!

Are you interested in automated bagging?

Schur Star Systems and Schur Technology, offer the most flexible packaging solution available.

This gives you quick change-over times to run multiple products and SKUs on just one line, as well as the opportunity to run multiple bag formats without additional tooling costs.

In addition to the bagger, the bag conversion equipment is developed and manufactured by Schur Star Systems. This allows for a more efficient concept development process, as our customers will be able to skip 3rd party machine manufacturers and pouch converters altogether.

Let us be the one stop shop for your bagging needs.

What does SchurStar give you?

  • Reduced Labor Cost
  • Increased Output
  • Instant Savings
  • Maximum Versatility
  • One-Stop-Shop
  • 2-3 Week Leadtime
  • 172 Years of Experience

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Easy Change-Over Between SKUs

The Schur Star In Action

Produce Bags made by Schur Star Systems

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