World famous Kelsen Group goes for Schur®Star Box Bag

World famous Kelsen Group goes for Schur®Star Box Bag for success brand

Schur®Star Systems are well known for innovative and creative packaging solutions – for all types of products and in practically every thinkable construction. Among the newest is the Schur®Star Box Bag which is now used for Kelsen’s popular Pepperidge Farm “American Cookies” brand

In particular for impulse goods like cookies, pastries, snacks and confectionery, an eye-catching packaging solution is crucial to catch the consumer’s eye. Obviously, the product itself carries the sale, but in cases where the consumer faces a choice, the bag design is of utmost importance. Therefore, Schur®Star Systems continuously focus on developing unique solutions that ensure the highest possible attention at the point-of-sales while supporting the sales process optimally.

Kelsen Group is world famous for their cookies

Kelsen Group – world famous for notable brands like Kjeldsens, Royal Dansk and Pepperidge Farm – is of course aware of what role the packaging plays in the sales process. Kelsen Group was established in 1933 as a small family bakery in the heart of Danish Jutland. Today the Group is a subsidiary of the American food group Campbell Soup Company, and over the last years Kelsen Group has experienced tremendous growth. Commercially, Kelsen Group is responsible for a large portfolio of products in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The production of butter cookies takes place in two modern bakeries – also including the production for the Asian and the American markets. In Denmark, Kelsen employs a staff of 400, who annually produce and market 25,000 tons of cookies. Based on the principle that superior quality and excellent taste bring joy to the consumer, every effort is set to ensure that each individual cookie lives up to the high quality standards of the company.

Optimized packaging solution for exclusive cookies

For the European market, Kelsen Group produces The Pepperidge Farm line in the Danish Ribe factory. Presently the line comprises five varieties. Kelsen Group and Pepperidge Farm have collaborated with Schur®Star Systems on redesigning and optimizing the packaging solution for these exclusive cookies – and the result was a design based on the Schur®Star Box bag.
An exclusive product must be kept and protected optimally in its packaging. The delicious cookies are carefully placed in paper cups, these are placed in protective carton inserts and packed into the bag. The paper laminate combination ensures that the bag remains airtight, and the application of paper makes it easy to fold the bag top effectively to keep the delicious cookies crunchy during storage.

The Schur®Star Box Bag

Due to its many advantages, the Schur®Star Box Bag gains ground for a growing number of product groups: Its box-shaped bottom makes the bag stand completely stable on the shelf, irrespective of weight and contents. Being printable on front, reverse, sides and bottom, the bag offers excellent opportunities to enhance the product’s profile, no matter whether the product is displayed in upright or lying position on the supermarket shelf. Superior quality flexographic printing in up to 10 colors, including effects like e.g. high-gloss lacquer, matte lacquer, or metallized inks give additional differentiation options. Additional features like a window in the bag gives the consumer a glimpse of the contents; a zipper offers reclosability, and e.g. tearstrips and laserscoring ease the opening. Compared to traditional cookie packaging solutions, the construction is cost effective, as highest possible filling capacity is achieved at a minimum of material consumption.

The Schur®Star concept

The concept allows for an efficient packing process, material savings, completely new product constructions, and superior marketing opportunities. Moreover, this is what it is all about: Improved flexibility whilst reducing complexity in the packing process. The Schur®Star bags are premade to meet specific customer requirements. The bags are available with all types of barrier qualities, individual dimensions, material types and gauges matching the product requirements.

About Schur

Schur is an international team of 15 companies offering packaging, packing machines, packaging systems, and know-how. Schur employs approx. 900 people in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, France, Australia, and the USA. Schur®Star Systems, a division of the Schur Group, operate from production units in Flensburg (Germany), Chicago (USA) and Thomastown Victoria (Australia), exploiting the know-how of the entire Schur Group to continuously offer its customers optimal packaging solutions.