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Net integration into flexible bags

The NEW Net Bag

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Food Packaging Systems

Innovation, simplified.

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Non-Food Packaging Systems

Innovation, simplified.

Schur®Star 3025C

Schur®Star 3060C

Schur®Star 2060C

SchurStar is an innovative packaging system utilizing a packaging machine and pre-made bags.

It sets the stage for increased package design options while simplifying your production with rapid changeovers, easy operation and high throughput.


Upgrade and differentiate your brand image with superior graphics and creative bag designs


Test new markets or run promotions with an innovative packaging system which can be easily implemented in your facility


Automate hand packing lines and reduce plant downtime on short run SKUs to improve throughput and efficiencies

SchurStar changeovers are quick and easy, which allows you to run all sizes and shapes of bags for multiple product lines on a single machine. Click here to view the video!

Come visit us for a FREE demo. Bring your product in and we will show the best way to package it using our exclusive SchurStar packaging system! Click here to contact us.

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